Julian BeeverI’ve discovered this artist’s work randomly while I was surfing the web, and I find it worth knowing. It’s a sad thing that his website is not up to par with the quality of his work. Living with his era, he doesn’t paint on a canvas but on the pavement, and where it becomes interesting is when it plays with your senses, making you believe that the two dimensional floor actually has a depth to it. It’s sad I’ve never seen his paintings in real life, but the pictures are impressive. Of course for this kind of work pictures enable the perfect spot for the illusion, as in reality with a bad angle the illusion would be broken. Still, in our day and time, when people want get rid of any notion of beauty in art creation, where rebellious movements thirsty of breaking a way too strict academicism have become academicism themselves without event being aware of it, as that’s the kind of Art you learn in Fine Arts schools, as in our day and time there is a dictatorship of ready-mades and happenings, this kind of creation, interacting directly with the spectator’s emotions, is what in my opinion is real art.
Julian Beever’s website